Into the Woods

Out of the Woods Theatre is pleased to announce the cast of Into the Woods. Thank you to everyone who auditioned. The directors were very pleased with the exceptional talent they saw at auditions and casting was extremely difficult. If you were not cast, please do consider auditioning for our future shows as we were very highly impressed with the caliber of talent. Cast members, congratulations & we will be in touch soon regarding rehearsals & other important details.

Narrator & Mysterious Man: Bruce Trueblood

Cinderella: Reagan Kettner

Jack: Zaden Scheer

Jack’s Mother: Lynn Meyer

The Baker: Sean Caldwell

The Baker’s Wife: Mary Shafarik

Cinderella’s Stepmother: Madison Nowak

Florinda: Amanda Freberg

Lucinda: Mary Catherine Polesnak

Little Red Riding Hood: Ashlyn Lewis

The Witch: Nicole Stephens

Cinderella’s Mother, Granny & Giant: Catherine Baratta

Wolf & Rapunzel’s Prince: Ben Trueblood

Rapunzel: Sidney May

Cinderella’s Prince: Charles Lynch

Steward: Molly Anderson

Sleeping Beauty: Abby Trueblood

Snow White: Olivia Foncree

Cinderella’s Father: Cavan Kelly

Shakespeare in the Garden: A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Children’s Matinee Cast:

Melia: Abby Kufahl

Puck: Julian Brown

Moth: Ava Garske

Cobweb: Cailyn Bauer

Mustardseed: Rosie Brown

Peaseblossom: Elsa Schwantes

Theseus: Terrek Schjoth

Hippolyta: Fiona Ballard

Philostrate: Christian Berry

Egeus: Jackson Brown

Hermia: Cassidy Lackey

Lysander: Noah Kienbaum

Helena: Sylvia Wright

Demetrius: Emmitt Miller

Quince: Morgan Hoernke

Bottom/Pyramus: Ingrid Mahler

Flute/Thisbe: Rowan Ballard

Snout/Wall: Lily Bizjak

Snug/Lion: Jace Pickett

Starveling/Moonshine: Lucy Wright

Oberon: Josh Strobel

Titania: Gracie Miller

Shakespeare in the Garden: A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Adult Cast:

Theseus: Greg Lamansky

Hippolyta: Reese Aarthun

Philostrate: Brendan Raboin

Egeus: Terry Riska

Hermia: Maari Erdman

Lysander: Nate Grundman

Helena: Amber Fait

Demetrius: KC Hofer

Peter Quince: Jim Hawkins

Bottom: Ian Wipperfurth

Flute: Elizabeth Novotny

Snout: Bruce Trueblood

Snug: Roy Plamann

Starveling: Carol Lamansky

Oberon: Charles Lynch

Titania: Morgan Holland

Puck (aka Robin Goodfellow): Kimberly Winterhoff

Fairies of Titania’s Court: Peaseblossom: Hannah Nikolai, Cobweb: Ruby Fisher, Moth: Gracie Miller, Mustardseed: Ivanna Hintz