Our audition process is transparent.  Our goal is to give equal opportunities to local talent both on & off-stage.  Casting will be based on an individual's talent, potential, commitment & how well that person fits a role.  We strive to avoid politics & favoritism to keep the audition process open & fair. 

Talent are encouraged to bring a current headshot (from within the last year) & a theatre resume to auditions/casting calls.  Auditioners will be numbered & a current headshot taken if not provided by the talent.  An audition form will need to be completed & submitted as well.  Directors will clearly communicate via audition & casting call postings what is expected from talent at auditions.  

Some shows may be pre-cast & others will have open auditions.  If any roles are pre-cast, that will be stated in the audition posting or casting.  We may choose to hold call backs for certain roles & certain shows.  An invitation to call backs doesn't guarantee you will be cast & not being invited to call backs doesn't mean you won't be cast.

No "special" or "secret" auditions for individuals will be held outside of posted open auditions.  If additional cast members are sought, additional open auditions may be held.  These additional auditions will be publicly posted on our website and/or Facebook page and open to anyone who is in good standings with the troupe who wishes to audition.  It may also be necessary for directors to recruit additional cast members if additional auditions do not yield the cast members needed.

If a "vacancy" occurs within a show that has been cast, directors must either "promote" cast members from within the show or contact relevant people who originally auditioned for the show to see if they are interested in filling the vacant spot.  (Relevant people means those who attended open auditions, fit the role and are available for rehearsals and performance dates.)  If a vacancy cannot be filled from those two resources, the director will hold an open emergency casting call.  If a vacancy still can't be filled after that, the director may choose to individually approach potential actors.

If you want to audition but cannot attend the listed audition dates & times, you may submit an audition form & video audition as described here or as noted by the director(s) of the show. The video audition will consist of an introduction including first & last name, the role(s) you're auditioning for and the song(s) you'll be singing & monologue you'll be reading.  The video will include 1-2 minutes of singing and 1 minute of monologue.  The audition form and video MUST be submitted a minimum of 24 hours prior to the first audition so it can be publicly viewed during the audition by attendees.  The video must NOT exceed 5 minutes.  Any video exceeding 5 minutes will be disqualified without review or consideration.  We are not responsible for technical difficulties or non-receipt of audition material.

Other Opportunities

We're not just interested in on-stage talent.  We're looking for directors, stage managers, PR people, sound & light crew, costumers, hair & makeup artists, choreographers & more.  Please contact us at any time with your interests.